RAS can service all sorts of boilers, including natural gas boilers, oil boilers, electric boilers, and tankless boilers. Just as with all of our services, you can count on a job well done from our team every time.

Many older homes contain boilers as the primary heating system. Boilers also need to be maintained periodically, and we can take care of that for you as well.

Maximizing Your Boiler

If you’re considering purchasing a boiler, then it makes sense to make the rest of your property as energy-efficient as possible. This will allow you to purchase a smaller boiler that’s less expensive. Make sure your attic and walls have the proper levels of insulation. Place weather stripping around doors and seal windows with caulk to prevent leaks. Have a programmable thermostat installed and set the temperature lower when you’re away and at night. It’s also a good idea to have your chimney cleaned if it hasn’t been recently. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase a boiler or have yours serviced, RAS can help. Call us to schedule an appointment today!
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