Cooling Towers/Chillers


Cooling towers are used to remove heat from an area. They are often used in the industry to cool water used in natural gas processing plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and more.

Cooling towers can also be used together with a chiller. The water is cooled by the tower and circulated back into the chiller continuously. The evaporated water is then lost to the atmosphere. It’s the same process by which your skin perspires.

Other Uses

Large multi-story buildings will use piped water to transfer heat instead of using air to remove the heat like a central air conditioning will. A system of this nature will typically pair a cooling tower and chiller to remove heat from the structure.

This combination also prevents solids in the water from accumulating and building up. This can cause damage to the cooling equipment. The evaporated water keeps solids in the water from becoming too concentrated.

If you feel your business could benefit from a cooling tower/chiller combination, call RAS to get started. We’ll go over everything with you!
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