Summer Air Conditioning Inspection

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  • 04 May, 2016

Don’t be left hot in the Texas heat this summer. Have your air conditioning system inspected by the professionals at RAS today! Our technicians will come to your home and perform a 21-point inspection to ensure that your system is working properly.

Need a new ac system?   We can help you with that too! Our technicians can help you pick out and install the right ac system for your home.

You don’t want to miss these deals! Call RAS today for your air conditioning needs!

By lemaster 22 Jun, 2017

It’s very easy to tell that your air conditioning isn’t working sometimes. But other times, it requires a bit of a social look. Here are six things to watch out for when trying to determine whether you need a new A/C system.


1)  No Cool Air – this is, of course, one of the easier ways to tell. If the air coming from your vents isn’t cold, even when turned up high, give RAS a call.

2)  Poor Air Flow – if there is cold air, but very little of it, coming through your vents, the compressor may be shot. If certain rooms in your home feel cooler than others, the problem may be with your duct work. Give RAS a call.

3)  Thermostat Issues – sometimes, the trouble is with the thermostat itself, not the system. Give RAS a call to be sure.

4)  Moisture Where It Shouldn’t Be – if you notice the refrigerant leaking or water pooling next to your A/C system, give RAS a call.

5)  Strange Noises – if you hear squealing, grating, or grinding coming from your system, it may not be a major problem now, but it could lead to one. Call RAS for help.

6)  Strange Smells – if you notice foul odors coming from your vents, it may mean mold or a burned-out wire in your system. Call RAS today.


If anything should go wrong with your air conditioning this summer, call on RAS A/C & Heating Services. We provide A/C repair, service, and installation to residents of the Houston, Texas area!

By lemaster 07 Jun, 2017

  • Use a Programmable Thermostat: With a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature of your home through pre-programmed temperature settings. The temperature can be raised when you are at work or sleeping and then when you come home and are awake the air conditioning can kick on.
  • Schedule Routine Maintenance Service: Prepare your air conditioner for the summer by enlisting the help of our professionals. Having routine maintenance service will ensure that your HVAC is top working condition.
  • Replace Your Cooling System: If you need to replace your cooling system invest in a higher-SEER unit in the right size. A higher SEER provides more efficiency and saves on energy for your home or business. Making sure you have the right size unit can increase the cost of cooling your home, cause frequent cycling or cause inefficient cooling.
  • Clean and Replace Your Air Filters:  Clogged and dirty air filters can reduce the efficiency of your cooling system. By routinely cleaning or replacing these filters you are allowing clean air to come through the system and produce less stress on the system.

By lemaster 18 Apr, 2017

Springtime is here, and that means it’s time to get your HVAC system ready for the season. Cross HVAC maintenance off your spring cleaning to-do list early this year, and you’ll thank us later.

Eliminate Hidden Allergens

Just because you can’t see dirt, dust, and mold doesn’t mean it’s not there. These allergens are known for hiding inside HVAC equipment and getting trapped. As they settle, mold and bacteria can breed and contaminate your air supply all summer long.

Minimize Energy Costs

In the warmest months, energy costs are high enough as it is. Keep in mind, blockage and leaks, and low refrigerant can drive up your monthly energy bills even more. Instead of ignoring this, take time for seasonal maintenance in priority areas and you’ll see the benefits in better system performance.

Think Ahead

Summers in Texas get hot, and many days this means that your AC system is working around the clock. This also means you’ll want to avoid breakdowns at all costs. Keeping up with maintenance and replacing your system before temperatures reach triple digits can help you avoid discomfort and save you money in the long run.

Spring is the right time to start thinking about the importance of maintenance for your HVAC system. For the best HVAC service in Texas, call us at RAS A/C & Heating Services. 

By lemaster 03 Apr, 2017

Spring is here, which means allergy season is in full bloom! When it comes to combating your allergies in Houston, TX, having clean indoor air can help alleviate the symptoms. Poor indoor air quality can result from the accumulation of indoor pollutants in your home or office from dust, chemicals, mold, bacteria, gases and vapors. Other factors include in poor outdoor air intake, problems with indoor temperature air circulation and ventilation systems.

By lemaster 13 Feb, 2017
There are many challenges that are faced when it comes to maintaining your commercial air conditioning system in Texas. Whether you are managing a small facility or a large building, making sure that your employees, customers and materials are properly managed at an ideal temperature is important. Maintain your commercial building with help from RAS A/C and Heating in Houston, TX. We provide our commercial air conditioning services all over Sugar Land, TX, Houston, TX, Spring, TX, Missouri City, TX, Cypress, TX, West University, TX, Bellaire, TX, Katy, TX and surrounding areas. 
By lemaster 11 Nov, 2016

1. Check Furnace Filters: Check your filters monthly and replacing them every 30-90 days will help ensure that your furnace filters are working properly. Having a dirty furnace filter will inhibit air flow to your heating system causing it to overheat. 

2. Inspect Your Furnace: Making sure that all of the components of your furnace are properly working will ensure that you are kept cool all winter.

3. Assess Room Temperature: When we leave our homes we tend to forget to down the thermostat. By regulating your thermostat with a programmable thermostat, smart thermostat or another temperature device you are saving money on your heating bills.

4. Check Your Air Ducts: If there are any leaks, loose joints or holes around your air duct this will cause the hot air to escape from your heating unit. Having that fixed can help keep your home warm without raising your energy bill.

5. Schedule Pre-Winter Maintenance: Schedule for maintenance on your HVAC system to ensure that everything is working properly. RAS A/C & Heating Services are one of the leading HVAC companies throughout greater Houston, TX. When you need winter maintenance for your heating system contact our team today!

By lemaster 11 Oct, 2016

Now that fall is officially here and summer has passed, it is time to prepare for the colder months ahead. A very important step in ensuring that your home or business is ready for the cooler weather is to make sure that your furnace or heating system is inspected.

During your Heating system inspection your HVAC technician will check some of the following in your unit:

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Internal inspection of the furnace system
  • Air Filters
  • Vent System
  • Grills
  • Wiring
  • Blower wheel
  • Amp draw test

Having a seasonal inspection of your furnace system can help you save money on your energy bill, avoid costly repairs in the future and provide up to date maintenance keeping your system working all season long.

By lemaster 08 Aug, 2016
It seems nearly impossible to focus and get work done when the office is hot and muggy. Having a comfortable workspace is crucial to any business, no matter what it is — a professional office, restaurant, medical facility, etc. To keep that Texas heat and humidity away, call RAS A/C & Heating Services.

Our team can offer you reliable commercial air conditioning services. Our AC service and AC repair services are just want you need to keep your business cool and comfortable. Whether you have an AC unit that’s less than efficient or you need a new one installed, our team is here to help!

As soon as you get an AC unit installed at your workplace, the difference will be immediately noticeable. You won’t have that feeling that it’s impossible to cool down. Your mentality will completely shift, and your employees will be able to be more productive throughout their shifts. You may even notice a drop in absenteeism. Many people have medical conditions that are made worse by excessive heat and humidity. If your place of business is cool, dry, and comfortable, your employees may even be looking forward to coming into work!

For all kinds of commercial air conditioning services, from AC installation to AC repair, count on our team! We proudly service throughout Houston, TX, Cypress, TX and surrounding communities. Call us today to schedule your next AC repair or service.
By lemaster 13 Jul, 2016
Using energy efficient air conditioning products can reap many benefits, notably here in Texas. At RAS A/C & Heating we suggest energy efficient air conditioning units to our customers, specifically Trane air conditioners. We are a certified Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer providing residential air conditioning services throughout Greater Houston since 1999.
By lemaster 15 Jun, 2016

Imagine you come home from work on a hot, humid Texas day and find that your air conditioning system is not working! Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure to have your air conditioning system inspected to avoid this! Sure problems may still arise but you can take care of them right at that moment to ensure you don’t come home to a sauna.

There are many beneficial reasons to have your air conditioning system inspected yearly.

Here Are Three Reasons Why:

Saves Energy:   With a clean, inspected ac system you will preserve energy, lowering your utility bills and cooling your home!

Helps Prevent Unnecessary Repairs: Minor issues such as unusual noises, clogged air filters and holes or leaks in your ducts are minor issues that can be fixed with a yearly inspection. These will help prevent major, expensive repairs in the future .

Lowers Utility Bills:   By having minor issues repaired and improving your energy efficiency this in turn will lower your utility bills

The optimal time to have your air conditioner inspected is the spring/summertime. You do not want to have discomfort in your home when the heat strikes.

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